Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles)

Adrian Figueroa / Sebastian Arana

Why, why, why, why?
One, two, three, four

Nobody knows my mind like you know her
I'm on my own cold nights
And I do not want to disappear
Now I'm way too far to being a cool boy
Now I'm far, nah, from looking like a space cowboy
I'm so drugged that I see the light in another way
Yeah, I'm a true American, that's the shit you could say

Last night I thought I saw you in the moonlight
In the middle of the fight
I thought you were there to stop me
(Then I woke up)
(Then I woke up)

At the end of the day I always knew what you said was false words
And now I miss those words
There's no better place in the world

Other ones out of zeros
I thought I could be a hero
Heroes never die
Who thought that was won to being loving?
To be loving like a caliber is not the best option
It's like a corruption, a simple destruction

Last night I thought I saw you in the moonlight
Holding me so tight
In the middle of the fight

So they can break me
Hit me and kill me
All you get is the worst of my fucking mind
(Then I woke up)
(Then I woke up)
(Then I woke up)
(Then I woke up)

(Don't threaten me with a good time)
(Don't think I'll ever get it now)

Trivia about the song Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles) by Flaming Calibers

On which albums was the song “Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles)” released by Flaming Calibers?
Flaming Calibers released the song on the albums “Starbase Motel and Casino” in 2019 and “Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles)” in 2019.
Who composed the song “Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles)” by Flaming Calibers?
The song “Moonlight (feat. Dethfiles)” by Flaming Calibers was composed by Adrian Figueroa and Sebastian Arana.

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